RPi3 Car Player!

It was a labour of love and a "simple weekend project" that turned into a 2 month long marathon. Raspberry Pi3 based Car Player (with WiFi)! And a heartfelt thanks to Mr.Shirgaokar for smuggling the hardware. A new screen guard shall be fitted post-installation in the car.

YouTube looks gorgeous even at low res.

1. The Touchscreen 2. Display Cable 3. Raspberry Pi3 B+ 4. GPS Module 5. Class 10 Memory Card 6. Jumper Wires.

This gives HDMI Output. All the functionalities of a PC, but smaller.

The Music Player. Overdose of info, I agree. TMI can be turned off with the green button at top.

There are literally more than a hundred video streaming apps you can install on this through the repository. Zee Marathi take a bow! Totally unexpected.

As stated earlier, fully WiFi capable. One can also build a GPRS module that gives the player independent internet connectivity. Maybe something for Mark II.

It can also be used by connecting it to a TV. It is a full blown PC at the heart of it, though Linux based in this particular case. Windows OS can also be installed, though it doesn't have much functionality. Yes, there are plenty of games you can play by plugging in a mouse and keyboard.

What is the point of internet if you can't surf it? A strict no-no while driving though.

This is the most time-consuming and nerve-racking part. I've had to run the code four times for it to actually work.

And running..

And running. You can get by if you understand basic coding in any language. Though an expert at Linux will certainly have it easy.

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