Wireless Smartphone Charging

The rage amongst the Tech elite these days seems to be wireless charging. However, this technology has been around for a while now. Maybe Samsung shoving it down people's throats has got everyone talking about it. Nevertheless, let’s discuss this together, shall we?

I personally own a MTT Airpower Wireless Qi (Pronounced "chi") Charger. It lies flat and can even stand up so that you can "dock" your phone and watch videos while it simultaneously gets charged. Wireless charging works on the principle of electromagnetic induction. Coils of wire in the base station (the charging plate) create a magnetic field as the current passes through. This field can induce an electrical current in an adjacent coil of wire without actually touching it. If this wire is part of a battery charging circuit, then you have wireless charging. The thing about wireless charging is, it's really in its infancy. So the charging efficiency is less than that of conventional chargers with the same output. If a wired charger takes 1.5 hours to charge your phone, Qi charging will take atleast twice as long. On top of that, OEMs like Samsung have no qualms and charge the consumer willy nilly for their average offerings. Then there is the issue with positioning the phone EXACTLY in place, else it doesn't even charge the phone. To be fair, the induction coils have to line up for the battery to charge wirelessly. I can bore you with its technical specs, but this really is a technology that should be given some time to evolve into a better product. My money is on HUB charging. HUB charging will basically work like a WiFi router and charge all the electronic items in its given range. But that again is a few years away and it will bring a new set of problems along with it. But, as they say, Vorsprung Durch Technik. Verdict: Do not buy wireless chargers (right now).

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