Google introduces Star Wars Themes!

If you follow this page, chances are you're sort of into tech, or you knew a guy named Ishan when you were younger. Well, if you're sort of into tech and like to try cool new stuff, do read on. I understand this post is going to have a very niche appeal on an already niche page.

Anyway, Google has introduced a really cool new feature, in honour of the latest edition of the Star Wars epic saga, The Force Awakens. If you click the link , it will take you to a page where you join either the Light Side (Force) (Jedis) or The Dark Side. Depending on the side you choose, all your google-based apps will change their themes accordingly to reflect your alliance.

These themes add tiny lightsabers and sounds to the youtube volume icon, change your gmail theme, lightsaber loading bars and other such subtle nods to the movies.

Do give it a try. It's a light hearted li'l effort by google, for which they're obviously being compensated by millions, but what's wrong if it adds a li'l colour to your life, eh?

May the force be with you!

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