Buying the perfect TV (for you).

Diwali. 'Tis the season to buy TVs. But which one, is the big question. I am having to answer this question a lot frequently this year, due to, ahem, the Tech. page. So, in the interest of public awareness, let's do this. We shall forego the CRT, TFT and Plasma TVs (buy these and be doomed) and head straight for the LCD, LED and the rather controversial, 4K TVs. We will not get into the mundane details of it, simply due to it being pointless. You want a new TV, we'll tell you WHICH one is worth spending your money on. For WHAT. And WHY.This is not a copy-paste job.

  • LCD: Liquid Crystal Displays. Whatever issues these had, were solved in their early production cycles. Now, they represent a refined product with solid tech. They use CCFLs for backlighting (Don't google that, it's boring as hell), which is the only drawback. Verdict : Buy these if you are on a tight budget, as it has nearly all the features of its high-priced rivals and gives you the satisfaction of having a slim flatscreen TV in the house.

  • LED: Light Emitting Diodes. These are literally the same thing as LCD except for the mere difference of them using LED lighting instead of CCFLs(Don't google it). Boosted by the rapid growth in the TV market, these TVs come with literally every feature available, if you're willing to pay for it. These can sync up with your libraries, connect wirelessly to the internet, stream your phone content, and much, much more. LEDs are again divided as follows:1. Edge-lit LEDs - The most common type. 2. Full array LED backlighting - This is true LED. 3. Dynamic LED - RGB LED configuration staple. Deeper blacks and local dimming. Verdict: Of all these, with respect to value-for-money, Option 2 is the best.

  • 4K : Do not buy this TV till next Diwali, simply because there is no 4K content that you can play on your TV right now. If you have bought a few movies in 4K and can justify spending on a TV for them. Then go for it. But it would be like "Chaar aane ki murgi, aath aane ka masala" . Sure, they might push the IPL tournament in 4K. If you are a cricket fan, go for it. But there is nothing else to play in 4K. Tata Sky might sell you a 4K Box, but its services are suspended, and when live, will be limited. So, choose wisely. Verdict: For the person who has to have the latest "in"-thing. C'mon guys. I like Ratan Tata. Be nice.

I hope that cleared up a few things. Give me a call if you want to tell me that I don't understand anything, and want to fight with me about TVs. Nothing else would make me happier. Or you can also call me up if you seriously want some good advice, since you'll be spending a hefty amount of your hard earned money on what is basically a supplement for your downtime. Good Day!

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